Monster in Salzburg

A 1982, Super-8-mm
Length: 12 min.

A gigantic insect-like monster destroys the city of Salzburg. An oedipal drama.
Written, directed and animated by Virgil Widrich
Cast: Libgart Schwarz, Hans Widrich and more

Events, film screenings: 17

11. April 2002
TV broadcasting: ORF/Kunststücke, in the series "Mega" from about 23:55.

From the ORF-Announcement:
"... At 13, he experimented with a Super-8 camera, at 15 he shoots his first film with real people and enrolls a star actor from the Berliner Schaubühne: Libgart Schwarz. The script is monumental, reads like a Japanese B-Movie and bears the title: "Monster in Salzburg". The giant is a 30-centimeter-long wooden doll with yarn hair and is brought to life by means of stop-motion. Widrich built entire streets as a model..."
01. January 1982
Production of his first film with real actors at age 15. Libgart Schwarz, star of the Berliner Schaubühne, plays a role in a Godzilla-inspired science-fiction film entitled "Monster in Salzburg." Models are built of a number of Salzburg's streets for this work. The monster is a 30-cm wooden doll with yarn hair, which is brought to life by means of stop-motion. His study of film theory begins this year with the purchase of numerous relevant books and the analysis of screenplays.