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Life on the moon and planet earth

Being a stranger or foreigner has nothing to do with a passport or place of residence; it is an inner state. »Brighter than the Moon« is about this state of feeling estranged. »Strangers« lead a more clearly distinctive life than »ordinary« people, which is defined by its own reality. And so our film depicts this distant and sober level of reality, in particular by its acting style, its art direction and the framing of its pictures. The movie was filmed in Vienna and Lower Austria, whereby in Vienna, no city scenes are depicted and in Lower Austria, no people.

The film demanded empty streets and towns, and to that end, we cleared the towns of cars. The film also demanded a non-moving camera (as in older films where the sound cameras were too heavy to maneuver) in order to create clear, static pictures. »Brighter than the Moon« floats somewhere between earth and the moon and has elements of the road movie, comedy, gangster film and love story. However, this film, in its genres, remains a »stranger«, much in the same way as its characters.

The particular reality of this film isn't quite simple to comprehend; it may take the viewer a moment or two to get hooked. Patience will be rewarded.

Virgil Widrich, January 2000

Camera-Rig for a driving scene

Filmset: Bank

Low-Budget view
through a window



Preparation of the moon for the "moon-walk"

Paolo's Car with camera

Driving Scene Paolo's Car

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