Brighter than the Moon

A moonstruck comedy about robbers and lovers

An Italian named Paolo loses his job at a junkyard. At the same time the Viennese ex-contractor Melles and his ambitious Rumanian driver Knarek rob a bank. Melles discovers that Knarek has smuggled his fiancée Julie over the border in the trunk of his car and tosses her out on the street. Julie meets Paolo who then gives her a ride to Vienna.

The two Lower-Austrian detectives Fischer and Gudrawzcuk begin their search for the bank robbers. Fischer is young and inexperienced, Gudrawczuk is old and knowing – his most bizarre way of investigation troubles his young partner...

When Paolo and Julie pass another bank, Julie tries to pull a robbery but winds up fainting. Paolo takes Julie to his apartment, but she isn't interested in Paolo. What has captured her interest are Austrian banks, which she says shine »brighter than the moon«.