Diagonale 1993 preview poster, graphic design: Jan Lauth
Diagonale 1993 poster, graphic design: Susanne Dechant
Diagonale catalog, graphic design: Susanne Dechant

Diagonale 1993 – Festival of Austrian Film

"Austria has a new national film festival. The first DIAGONALE will be held this year from 1st to 8th December 1993 in Salzburg.
The aim of DIAGONALE is to give a representative overview of all forms of creative filmmaking in Austria, exposing trends and offering visitors the opportunity to spend eight days in December getting to know the best of Austrian films produced during the preceding twelve months.
The topical programme will be accompanied by tributes, retrospectives and special events, creating a diverse portrait of contemporary film production and of historical developments in Austrian cinematography.
A director and five executives working in the areas of feature film, short film, documentary film, the avant-garde and new media, will be responsible for selecting films and compiling the festival programme.
In order to ensure that the event retains its dynamic profile over the long term, DIAGONALE will be structured in such a way that there is a change of festival programme selectors every two years.
DIAGONALE will be organised and run by the Austrian Film Commission."

From the press release 1993
Intendant: Peter Tscherkassky
Curator feature films: Christian Berger
Curator documentary: Christa Blümlinger
Curator shorts: Stefan Grissemann
Curator video and media art: Anna Steininger
Curator avantgarde: Peter Tscherkassky

General director: Martin Schweighofer
Production manager: Virgil Widrich
Technical director: Martin Walitza, Markus Pega
Press: Manuela Strihavka
Guest office: Brigitte Weich (management)
Assistant: Nike Glaser-Wieninger
Accreditations: Ruth Fernau, Andrea Witzmann
Hospitality: Ralph Palka, Wilbirg Donnenberg, Alexandra Thiele
Accounting: Christine Koller
Catalog Editor: Sabine Steurer-Schauss
Assistant: Maria W. Arlamovsky
Graphic design: Susanne Dechant
Translation: Juno Sylvia Englander
Editorial festival newspaper: Andreas Ungerböck
Photos: Lisi Holzer
Print management: Claudia Keimel
Video technology: Wolfgang "Mozart" Steinmetz
Art direction: Niki Nickl
Special events: Sigrid Markl
Events: Klemens Maria Schuster
Moderator: Mercedes Echerer, Gideon Bachmann
Hall directors: Michael Bilic, Brigitta Burger Utzer, Horst Vetter, Renate Wurm

Retrospective "Salzburg in the film": Christian Strasser
Legal clearance: Alessandra Appel-Palma, Fiona Meisel

Tribute to Max Fleischer: Mark Langer
Organization: Gabi Mühlberger


15. March 1993 – 08. December 1993
In March, work begins on a total overhaul of the Diagonale, the new "Festival of Austrian Film." The foundation of the new festival is put into place together with Martin Schweighofer and Peter Tscherkassky: programming, organisation, infrastructure, sponsor acquisition, ticket-sales system, visitor organisation and service, catalogue production, events and marketing for them, and advertising.