Catalogue "Digital Traces" for "Essence09", graphic design: Conny Zenk
"Digital Traces", Raoul Haspel: "Pornspot", light and video installation, 2009
"Digital Traces", Julia Staudach: "Welt-Zeit-Mosaik", installation with digital images, 2009. Photo: Sue Sellinger
"Digital Traces", Korinna Lindinger: "unrund", installation, self-moving porcelain objects, 2009. Photo: Sue Sellinger

The Essence09 – Digital Traces

Annual exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
Vordere Zollamtstraße 3, Room EG11, A-1030 Vienna, Exhibition duration: June 26 to July 15, 2009, opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Digital Traces
As part of the annual exhibition of the "Angewandte", which this year bears the title "Essence09", the Digital Art Department will be presenting the diploma work of its students from the 2009 summer semester.
The ten works selected are representative prototypes for differing artistic approaches and medial-aesthetic realisation. At the same time, they also exemplify the diversity of the fields of production and research within the digital art sphere, which are developed and taught at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. 
The range of works on display incorporates interactive installations and video sculptures, GAMEArt, Internet and webcam projects, and kinetic objects.
They are the result of an artistic analysis of the effects of the information technology-related changes in our perception and concept of reality in the age of the digital code.

Vienna, June 2009
Univ.-Prof. Virgil Widrich, Mag. art. Ruth Schnell

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Artistic director of the "Digital Traces" exhibition: Ruth Schnell
Artistic head of the Digital Art Department: Virgil Widrich

Concept: Lydia Lindner, Veronika Schnell
Proofreading: Franziska Echtinger
Graphic design: Conny Zenk 
© Photos: Sue Sellinger
© Texts by the artists

Works by Stefan Fahrngruber, Gottfried Haider, Raoul Haspel, Korinna Lindinger,  Georg Novotny, Laura Russo, Laura Skocek, Julia Staudach, Corinne Studer, Ilknur Yalvac.