Technisches Museum Wien, 1999
"Etrich Taube" at Technisches Museum Wien, 1999
Assembly of the media stations at Technisches Museum Wien, 1999, photo: Volkmar Geiblinger
Media station at Technisches Museum Wien, 1999
Media station at Technisches Museum Wien, 1999
Media station at Technisches Museum Wien, 1999
Media station at Technisches Museum Wien, 1999
Media station at Technisches Museum Wien, 1999
Media station at Technisches Museum Wien, 1999
Media station at Technisches Museum Wien, 1999

100 Media Stations for Technisches Museum Wien

From 18 June 1999, the Technisches Museum Wien presents the first part of its redesigned exhibitions. The Technisches Museum Wien becomes the first Viennese museum to incorporate new media in every aspect of its display concept. The new media used range from large-screen projections and video loops to audio stations, interactive mini cinemas, selectable videos, interactive terminals and internet research stations. In all, around 100 media stations enhance the permanent exhibition.
In cooperation with the curators, presentation concepts were developed and multimedia screenplays were written. Virgil Widrich Film- und Multimediaproduktions g.m.b.H then edited the content and implemented the technology as appropriate for each of the media.

Interactive terminals: information can be viewed on over 1500 screens with links leading to more in-depth knowledge. The screens can be browsed in sequence or specific areas of interest selected. The navigator, a graphic element in the user interface, acts as a guide and shows an overview of the station’s entire content. The texts are illustrated by approximately 200 images showing current and historical subjects. Visitors can zoom in on interesting details. Processes are illustrated by over 50 animated sequences that bring theoretical approaches to life (e.g. historical conceptions of the world in astronomy). Around 100 audio recordings and 120 video clips open the topics to the senses and aid understanding. A dozen interactive games complete the information on offer.

Audio stations: At the audio stations, visitors can select texts from the relevant literature for more detail, sound documents and (especially for music/instrument-making) music excerpts for comparison.

Internet research terminals: At these terminals, visitors can view current websites relating to the subjects presented in the museum.

Interactive mini cinemas: Here, visitors can select films on the topic in question and so gain an insight into historical developments and see films as historical documents. Newly made film clips present exhibits in action and provide important information in the documentary form.

Selectable videos: video terminals allow fast access to film footage on the topic in question.
Project management: Virgil Widrich
Technical director: Stefan Reiter
Expert planning film and video: Nike Glaser-Wieninger, Claudia Vesely
Organization: Mechtild Widrich, Sigrid Markl, Stefan Reiter
Rights clearance: Jeanette Pacher
Technology, DVD-production : Christian Drucker
AV-consulting: Stefan Unger
Proofreading: Heinz Javorsky
Editorial staff: Katharina Boesch, Stefan Reisigl
Research: Sabine Seisenbacher, Elke Krasny, Katharina Boesch
Programming: Thomas Kerbler, Thomas Wolf, Stefan Ladstätter, Hans-Michael Schöbinger, Christof Wessely
Graphics production: Meta Wien – Markus Gasser
Art direction: Gregor Hrdlovics
Graphics coordination: Doris Schögl
Screen design: Richard Miklos, Christian Leitner
Sound recording: Tonstudio Saturn – Hermann Langschwert
Testing: Thomas Wolf, Marko Grubi
Editorial: Martin Reinhart, Michael Endlicher
Scanning: Hubert Schatzl
Translations: Steve Wilder