"Maths Trainer", CD-ROM, © by Chocolate Management und Verlag GmbH
"Maths Trainer", CD-ROM, © by Chocolate Management und Verlag GmbH
"Maths Trainer", CD-ROM, © by Chocolate Management und Verlag GmbH

Maths Trainer – CD-ROM

The "Maths Trainer" takes users to "Universe City" where they can follow the school adventures of Nina, Van and Alpha. Each of the four CDs contains the topics covered in one school year (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th year of upper secondary school). The topics are based on the syllabus of a secondary school with a focus on science and therefore provide a solid basis for all schools offering graduation with university entitlement. The linear structure of maths — nearly every chapter builds on what was learned in the previous chapters — is taken into account: the four school years proceed step by step but are thematically linked. 
Producer and publisher: Chocolate Management und Verlag GmbH, Gerhard Hauke
Idea, concept & project management: Christian Drucker
Production manager, story dialogues: Virgil Widrich
Screenplay: Marko Grubi, Hannes Kaufmann, Astrid Kohl, Clemens Lutter, Peter Prinz, Reinhard Wolfmayr
Programming: Christian Drucker, Marko Grubi, Marion Murlasits
Screen design: Christian Leitner, Barbara Wais
Artwork: Harry Schiman
Character animation: Johanna Hofinger, Erwin Meisel
Backgrounds: Joachim Luetke
2D graphics: Hans Feichtenschlager, Matthias Ilg, Erwin Meisel
3D graphics & animation: Christoph and Georg Löblich
Sound: Hermann Langschwert
Video editing: Thomas Kerbler
Voices: Markus Mitterhuber (blackboard), Bernhard Murg (Van), Elisabeth Thun-Hohenstein (Nina), Helmut Vavra (Alpha)


16. February 1997 – 05. May 1997
The CD-ROM is established as a medium. On behalf of Chocolate Management und Verlag GmbH Virgil Widrich develops the didactic concepts and the interactive characters and writes the screenplay and dialogues for a four-part mathematics series.