Signation of "Classic Films", 1987
Movie – das Kino, 1050 Vienna, 1989
Poster "Laurel & Hardy", Classic Films, 1989
Poster "Eraserhead", Classic Films, 1987/88
Poster "Jerry Lewis", Classic Films, 1987/88

Classic Films – Film distribution

Classic Films, a film distribution company specialising in art films, is founded in May 1987 together with Marian Toncic-Sorinj und Leopold Moser. The 60 films comprising its rental program include the Oscar winner Babette's FeastThe World According to GarpEraserhead by David Lynch, John Huston's last film, The Dead – and a film directed by a then-unknown Spanish director, Pedro Almodóvar, entitled Law of Desire. The distribution exists until 1991.
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13. June 1991
The precarious situations experienced by art cinemas in Vienna begin to affect "Classic Films." The distributor is sold to one of the partners and reduces the extent of its activities.
01. January 1989
Participation in planning a retrospective of Laurel & Hardy films, which were presented in the uncut original version for the first time. This successful project toured Austria and was later shown in theatres in Germany.
01. January 1988
Classic Films' re-release of films by Andy Warhol and Max Fleischer as part of retrospectives. Distribution of all works of Wim Wenders in Austria begins.
08. August 1987 – 09. August 1987
Shooting of the signature for "Classic Films" with letters and light.
03. June 1987 – 07. June 1987
From 3.6. to 7.6.1987 Classic Films invites Michael J. Weldon (author of Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film) to Vienna to present a retrospective of B-movies in "Movie - das Kino". The show includes Hideous Sun Demon (1959), Robot Monster (1953), Carnival of Souls (1962) und Dementia/Daughter of Horror (1955).
07. May 1987
Classic Films, a film distribution company specializing in art films, is founded in May 1987. Distribution of Drowning by Numbers marks the beginning of long-term contact with Peter Greenaway.