Diagonale 1994 poster, graphic design: Susanne Dechant
Diagonale 1994 poster "country comparison Denmark", graphic design: Susanne Dechant
Diagonale 1994 catalog, graphic design: Susanne Dechant

Diagonale 1994 – Festival of Austrian Film

"After a successful festival start in 1993 – presenting 260 films and hosting more than 400 guests – the second DIAGONALE will be held from December 1 - 8, 1994 in Salzburg."
From the 1994 press release.
Intendant: Peter Tscherkassky

Feature film: Christian Berger
Documentary: Christa Blümlinger
Short: Stefan Grissemann
Video and media art: Anna Steininger
Avantgarde: Peter Tscherkassky

General director: Martin Schweighofer
Production manager: Virgil Widrich
Assistant: Gerhard Alt
Technical director: Frank Lischka, Michael Stumpf (Stumpf Kinotechnik)
Press: Manuela Strihavka, Mella Blazovich (assistant)
Guest and media relations: Ralph Palka, Alexandra Thiele (Notorious)
Guest office: Brigitte Weich (management), Isa Birbaum
Accounting: Christine Koller

Catalogue: Virgil Widrich (production), Barbara Dechant (input), Gerhard Alt (assistant), Hans-Michael Schöbinger, Christof Wessely (software), Heinz Javorsky (correction)

Graphic design: Susanne Dechant, Lukas Dostal (cover photo)
Editor "Diagonale Daily": Andreas Ungerböck
Photos: Lisa Holzer

Prints: Erwin Meisel (logistics), Claudia Keimel (print control), Hermann Lewetz (video control)
Kinotechnik: Rene Rossi (Das Kino), Karl Maaz (Central Kino)
Video: Ferdinand Stahl (Galerie 5020)
Art direction: Niki Nickl
Protocol: Margit Skias, Sigrid Markl
Advertising: Klemens Maria Schuster
Thomas Hein (school project)
Moderator: Andrea Eckert
Hall Directors: Michael Bilic, Harald Pichlhöfer, Horst Vetter, Renate Wurm

Retrospective Willi Forst
Johann Böhm (organisation), Stefan Grissemann (editor)

Country comparison: Peter Tscherkassky, Stefan Grissemann,
Christian Berger (film selection), Robert Buchschwenter, Silvia Burner, Yasmin Kiss, Michael Kitzberger, Andrea Pollach, Oliver Rein, Riedl Heidemarie Huber, Dietmar Schwärzler, Lise Smidth (concept), Sigrid Markl (organization)


01. December 1994 – 08. December 1994
The second Diagonale is organized in Salzburg with Virgil Widrich as production manager. A film database is created which can be used for automatic layout of the entire catalog of the Austrian Film Commission and the Diagonale in a few minutes (by means of "database publishing").