Diagonale 1995 poster "Retrospective Fred Zinnemann", graphic design: Susanne Dechant
Diagonale 1995 catalog, graphic design: Susanne Dechant

Diagonale 1995 – Festival of Austrian Film

"Following the success of the 1994 Diagonale, at which audience figures were over two and a half times higher than the year before, the 1995 Diagonale was held in Salzburg from 1 – 8 December 1995.
The first two years of its existence were enough for this festival of Austrian Film to establish itself as a must for audiences and the film industry alike. In 1994, over 600 accredited visitors came to Salzburg. The retrospectives shown to date (1993: "Max Fleischer", "Elizabeth T. Spira", "Salzburg im Film"; 1994: "Willi Forst") were very well received, with some even leading to follow-up events in other cities.
Apart from the main programme of current Austrian film productions (divided into the categories of feature film, short film, documentary, avant-garde and new media), comparison with other countries is a central aspect of the Diagonale. In 1993, Holland guested in Salzburg, followed by Denmark in 1994. In 1995, Switzerland will be invited to present a detailed overview of the country and its filmmaking.
A retrospective will also form the centrepiece of the 1995 programme which is entirely devoted to a master of the art of film: the Diagonale is preparing a presentation of the work of Fred Zinnemann, born in Vienna in 1907. Besides his best-known works – HIGH NOON, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, JULIA and A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS – he directed a total of 22 films. The Diagonale will show not just these seminal works in the history of filmmaking, but will also highlight some lesser known aspects of  Zinnemann’s work.”

From the 1995 press release
Management: Martin Schweighofer
Production manager: Virgil Widrich
Assistant management: Brigitte Weich
Technical director: Frank Lischka, Michael Stumpf (Stumpf Kinotechnik)
Press: Manuela Strihavka (management), Alexandra Thiele (Int. press.), Constanze Kargl, Mella Blazovich
Hospitality: Alexandra Thiele (coordination), Constanze Kargl, Alexandra Höhenwarter, Beatrix Skias, Margit Skias
Guest office: Gerhard Alt (management), Karin Grünsteidl, Thomas Holzer (First Choice Travel)
Communication: Sabine Haydl
Accounting: Christina Koller

Catalogue: Karin Grünsteidl (production), Barbara Dechant (registration), Gerhard Alt (assistant), Alfred Marka (translations), Hans-Michael Schöbinger, Christof Wessely (software), Heinz Javorsky (correction)
Graphic design: Susanne Dechant, Lukas Dostal (cover photo)

Prints: Michael Moser (logistics), Claudia Keimel (control film), Hermann Lewetz (control video)
Photos (documentation): Wolfgang Kirchner
Cinema technology: Rene Rossi (Das Kino), Karl Maaz (Central Kino)
Art direction: Niki Nickl
Protocol: Margit Skias
Talkies: Ralph Palka (organisation)
Advertising: Klemens Maria Schuster, Thomas Hein (school project)
Stadtkino: Sigrid Markl (hall director)
Moderation: Andrea Eckert
Hall Director: Michael Bilic, Monika Costabiei, Harald Pichlhöfer, Horst Vetter, Renate Wurm

Country comparison: Beat Glur (consultant)
Specials - Restorations: Johann Boehm (Austrian Film Archive)


01. December 1995 – 08. December 1995
Last Diagonale is held in Salzburg with the new director, Heinrich Mis (then ORF's Kunststücke). Parts of the new program is presented on the Internet for the first time under curator Konrad Becker.