Found Footage (Korean Edition), author: Min Jin-young, 2015
Found Footage (Korean Edition), Autorin: Min Jin-young, 2015
Found Footage (Korean Edition), Autorin: Min Jin-young, 2015

Found Footage (Korean Edition)

From the author Min Jin-young: This book introduces the film genre based on the image technique called "Found footage". Found Footage refers to creating a new visual work by bringing an existing image already taken and editing it according to the artists intention. These days, with the decline of the traditional theater-screened movie, the discourse of talking about the death of the movie or expanding the film to media art is increasing. This book defines Found Footage as a meeting between film and media art, reflecting the current epoch of film death or film expansion.

This book is divided into four parts. Chapter 1 defines the definition of found footage, the degree of global recognition, and its status in Korea. Chapter 2 deals with the history of found footage. Chapter 3 introduces 19 artists of found footage. These artists are artists who are often found in the worlds leading exhibition halls and are particularly attached to the idea of recycling movie archives. Chapter 4 deals with three themes as a reconstruction of the found-footage technique. Found Footage is an experimental movie, strong in nature, and has an intermediate character between movies and exhibitions. This is true not only in Korea but also in the countries leading the worlds major visual culture. However, I hope that the works introduced by this book will someday become a motif for future Korean visual culture.

Author: Min Jin-young
Publisher: Chonnam National University (31 July 2015)
ISBN-10: 896849231X
ISBN-13: 978-8968492310

Page 102 to 105.