"Hans Moser Collage" at the Austrian Theatre Museum
"Hans Moser Collage" at the Austrian Theatre Museum

Hans-Moser-Exhibition – Austrian Theatre Museum

The exhibition Hans Moser on the popular Austrian actor and the virtual national institution was one of the most successful exhibitions ever held in the Austrian Theatre Museum. Its objective was to present the artist without resorting to clichés and to create new approaches to his work.
A large-scale video installation combined famous scenes from Moser films in five parallel projections. The production cast a new light on Moser, with his comedic talent, his characteristic body language and his unique interpretation of human characters. In addition information-steles with written texts and integrated audio elements showed views of the life and work of one of Austria's most popular actors.
Curators: Ulrike Dembski and Christiane Mühlegger-Henhapel
Architect: Arno Grünberger
Concept and direction film collage Hans Moser: Virgil Widrich
Editing: Walter Rafelsberger
Assistant: Lukas Litzinger
Projection technology: Stefan Unger