Museum Ladin – "Talking Paintings"
Museum Ladin, screen design: Michael Haderer
Museum Ladin – "Language Atlas"

Museum Ladin – Media stations

The Museum Ladin in St. Martin/Thurn im Gadertal/Val Badia in South Tyrol contains an impressive account of the history of the Ladin people in the Dolomites, which stretches back over more than 2,000 years: the multimedia station "Historical Panorama" portrays their history using video animations and audio commentaries in four languages; the interactive "Language Atlas"offers entertaining insights into the Ladin language. The complex organisation (voice recordings in four languages), content editing (in cooperation with Ladin experts) and the overall supervision of the technical features (animations, video clips, large-scale projections) plus the coordination of the exhibition designers and technical equipment providers for these stations were all the responsibility of checkpointmedia.
Auftraggeber: Museum Ladin
Direction: Dieter Bogner
Architect: Reiner Verbizh
Concept: Martin Reinhart
Scientific consultant: Lois Craffonara
Technical director: Stefan Unger
Artistic direction: Virgil Widrich
Commercial management: Stefan Reiter
Project management: Sigrid Markl
Programming: Stefan Ladstätter
Graphic design: Michael Haderer
DVD: Christian Drucker


08. May 2001
Sound recording for "Talking Pictures" at Tonstudio Saturn, Hermann Langschwert, Joanelligasse 12, 1060 Vienna.
16. March 2001
Shooting for "Talking Pictures" at Studio Dopplinger, 1150 Vienna.