Catalog of the exhibition "Robot Dreams" at the Museum Tinguely in Basel (8 June to 12 Sep. 2010).

Robot Dreams

Talking iceboxes, learning seat electronics in cars, self-controlling vacuum cleaners, nano robots for medical use: research into artificial intelligence and its applications in practice may still be utopia and even cause fear today, but will already be used as a matter of course in household appliances tomorrow. The catalog "Robot Dreams" is dedicated to this exciting topic and shows what contemporary art has to contribute to the understanding and handling of this rapid advancement in the field of artificial intelligence. It accompanies an exhibition at Museum Tinguely Basel and Kunsthaus Graz and includes newly developed works by artists Luc Mattenberger, Jon Kessler, Thomas Baumann, John Bock, Daniel Reichmuth / Sibylle Hauert, Niki Passath, Francois Roche, Virgil Wiedrich, and Kirsty Boyle, as well as other works by Edward Kienholz, Tom Sachs, Nam June Paik, Richard Kriesche, Stelarc, Jessica Field, and others.
Authors: Isaac Asimov, Jutta Weber, Wentzel Maracek, Julian Pfaff, Joachim Schmetz

Museum Tinguely, Basel
Publisher: Kehrer, Heidelberg (Juni 2010)
ISBN-10: 3868281428
ISBN-13: 978-3868281422

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