Science / Culture: Multimedia

The volume addresses New Media Design both in the context of its application in museums and in the field of CD-Rom, DVD and Web projects. On the one hand, it contains a qualitative analysis of multimedia projects on knowledge topics (Jewish Museum Berlin, Technical Museum Vienna, Salzburg's Carolino Augusteum, Documenta, Academy of Sciences, Whitney Art Museum, etc.), on the other hand interviews with experts (Dieter Bogner, Fons Hickmann, Joachim Sauter, Christian Doegl, Peter Messner and others) from the fields of content conception, teaching, design and evaluation. In addition, essays explore the question of the essence of multimedia communication in order to develop a design-theoretical model.
Author: Gerhard Rihl

Editor: facultas.wuv Universitätsverlag, 1st edition (Oktober 2007)
ISBN-10: 3708900952
ISBN-13: 978-3708900957

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