"sconarium" Bad Schönau: Front, photo: Virgil Widrich, 2019
"sconarium" Bad Schönau: Foyer, Photo: Virgil Widrich, 2019
"sconarium" Bad Schönau: Conference room, Photo: Virgil Widrich, 2019
"sconarium" Bad Schönau: exhibition hall, photo: Virgil Widrich, 2019
"sconarium" Bad Schönau: exhibition hall, photo: Virgil Widrich, 2019

sconarium Visitor Centre for Bad Schönau

Until the end of 2019, the spa community of Bad Schönau built the "sconarium" for 2.8 million euros, a modern visitor and event centre dedicated entirely to the subject of therapy and natural carbon dioxide gas. The company Handler Bau with its project partners Atelier Mauch and checkpointmedia was commissioned to build and implement the sconarium following a call for tenders.
The building was planned in such a way that it is not only technically state-of-the-art, but also fits into the urban landscape. On the outside, the flat roof is greened, inside an event location with up to 260 seats and an exhibition room will is available in which the geological origins and today's medical possibilities of the healing spring in Bad Schönau are communicated.

Gemeinde Bad Schönau

Client: Municipality of Bad Schönau
Ferdinand Schwarz, Mayor

Handler Bau GmbH Total contractor (project management)
Team leader: Peter Weber
Construction manager: Stefan Kainz
Technician: Nathalie Wimmer
Foreman: Florian Pertl

Zencon GmbH
Building services planning: Management: René Mayerhofer, site manager: Alexander Hahnl

Studio Mauch Ges.m.b.H
Design and technical implementation: Michael Mauch, Eric Phillipp

checkpointmedia GmbH
Artistic director: Virgil Widrich
Technical director: Stefan Unger
Graphic: Nicole Stadler
Logo design: Oleg Prodeus
Text and picture editor: Martin Reinhart
Programming: Christian Drucker
Sound design: Siegfried Friedrich
General concept: Sigrid Markl
Detailed concept: Stefan Reiter, Stefan Unger, Virgil Widrich

Carpenter: Tischlerei Roman Bauer
Printing: Andreas Rührer Werbewerkstatt GmbH

Proofreading: Heinz Javorsky

Scientific supervision:
Herfried Pessenhofer, Medical University of Graz
Matthias Harzhauser, Andreas Kroh, Natural History Museum Vienna