Swarovski Crystal Worlds, "Reflections", photo: Alexander Proefrock
Swarovski Crystal Worlds, "Reflections", illustration: Studio Kudlich
Swarovski Crystal Worlds, "Poseidon's Puzzle", model: Studio Kudlich
Swarovski Crystal Worlds, "Reflections", 3D-rendering: Studio Kudlich
Swarovski Crystal Worlds, "Poseidon's Puzzle", photo: Alexander Proefrock
Swarovski Crystal Worlds, "Poseidon's Puzzle", model: checkpointmedia

Swarovski Crystal Worlds – Redesign 2007

The Swarovski Crystal Worlds is among the most popular tourist spots in Austria. As part of the redevelopment of the Chambers of Wonder in 2007, additional highly appealing attractions were conceptualised and installed, which work with spatial scenarios and striking multimedia elements. In the section entitled "La Primadonna Assoluta", the visitor meets Jessye Norman, who can be seen in a performance in the Crystal Dome. The high-quality audio and video presentation gives the spectator the feeling of being in the middle of a live performance of the final aria from Henry Purcell's "Dido and Aeneas". In the passageway leading from this section, a stylised subaquatic world is presented in "Poseidon's Puzzle". Lamellae, arranged in perspective, draw visitors onwards with light and sound compositions. With every step taken across a bridge, the world of images is transformed and the acoustic impression changes. Brian Eno's "55 Million Paintings by Brian Eno" shows the technical implementation of a concept developed by the artist, a generative artwork formed of image and sound sequences constantly re-assembling themselves into new configurations. The section "Reflections" is staged as a crystalline kaleidoscope, demonstrating the organising principles of micro- and macrocosm. A sophisticated lighting control system and a 16-channel sound installation create a walk-in multimedia stage for the visitor. Various themes are played out in the form of images, graphics, illustrations, mirror and filmed animations on a total of 48 polyhedra and more than 300 screens.
Client: Artevent for Swarovski AG

Crystal Passage
Idea and design: checkpointmedia

Poseidon's puzzle
Idea and design: checkpointmedia
Painting: Hannes Simmerl Burgis
Music and sound design: Klaus Karlbauer
Sound engineering: Alfred Reiter
Concept: checkpointmedia
Idea, architectural design and space design: Hans Kudlich
Graphic design, digital painting and motion graphics: Oleg Prodeus
Light design: Christian Weisskircher                              
Music and sound design: Klaus Karlbauer
Sound engineering: Alfred Reiter

Timeless Swarovski
Idea and design: checkpointmedia
Animation: DWTC Balgavy

Team checkpointmedia
Stefan Reiter, Stefan Unger, Virgil Widrich (supervision)
Gregor Koller, Lukas Litzinger, Sigrid Markl, Catrin Neumüller, Ralph Ortner, Michael Schmidt, Mattias Schnellnberger, Björn Wilfinger


30. November 2007
In November reopening of the "Swarovski Crystal World" with several multimedia installations by checkpointmedia.