Swarovski Crystal Worlds, photo: Margherita Spiluttini
Swarovski Crystal Worlds, "Crystalscope", photo: Marc Gilsdorf
Swarovski Crystal Worlds, "Crystalscope", photo: Marc Gilsdorf
Swarovski Crystal Worlds, "Crystalscope", illustration: Carl Auböck

Swarovski Kristallwelten – Redesign 2003

The Crystal Worlds, designed by André Heller in Wattens, Tyrol, was opened in 1995 for Swarovski's 100th anniversary. Since then it has been continually expanded and further attractions have been added.
The audio-visual scenario of the meditation room, "Crystalscope", provides a counterpoint to many of the other attractions in the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. A high-definition rear projection running quietly shows an over-dimensional crystal on the ceiling, the colours in its virtual facets constantly changing. Ambient sound from invisible speakers accompanies visitors who can lean on one of the concentrically arranged steles and gaze up at the ceiling to view the crystal from an ideal angle.
The "Corridor of Metamorphoses" shows an animation on multiple monitors, aligned next to one another, which proceeds to document - in the direction of the walking tour - the metamorphosis of fractured forms into crystalline structures and finally into crystal sculptures.
"The Giant's Belongings" presents utility objects such as gloves or an accordion in larger-than-life proportions. They are moved mechanically by a special control system, which also regulates the synchronicity of lighting and lighting effects.
Client: Artevent for Swarovski AG
Artistic director: André Heller
Technical director: Stefan Unger
Artistic direction multimedia: Virgil Widrich
Commercial management: Stefan Reiter
Architect: Carl Auböck