tx-transform: scheme normal curse, 1998
tx-transform, scheme t- and x-axis resersed, 1998
The shooting of "tx-transform", Theo Ligthart and Virgil Widrich, January 1998.
Heinrich Krönke in "tx-transform", 1998
tx-transform, 1998
tx-transformation of a rotating camera.
tx-transformation of a train, 1998
Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich at the shooting of "tx-transform" in Strasshof, 24.1.1998
The shooting of "tx-transform", January 1998.
tx-transformation with Enrico Jakob as train conductor, 1998
The shooting of a "tx-transform" demonstration, Erwin Meisel and Sigrid Markl at Synchrofilm Wien, 1998
tx-transformation of a head, 1998


A 1998, short film, 35 mm, Cinemascope, 1:2,39, Dolby SR
Length: 5 min.

tx-transform is a film technique that transposes the time axis (t) and one of the space axes (x or y) with one another. Normally, each individual frame of a film depicts the entire space, but only a moment in time (1/24 second). With tx-transformed films, it is just the opposite: each frame shows the entire time, but only a tiny portion of space – if one cuts alongside the horizontal space axis, the left portion of the picture turns into the "the before", the right one into "the after". This produces phenomena such as those described by Einstein in his theory of relativity.
Link to filmwebsite
YouTube: film
Screenplay, directed by Martin Reinhart, Virgil Widrich
Cast: Enrico Jakob, Heinrich Kröncke, Florian Ladstätter, Horst Mayer, Hans Reisinger, Thommy Reisinger
Camera: Theo Ligthart
2nd camera: Martin Reinhart
Animation camera: Martin Putz
Camera assistant: Florian Ladstätter
Gaffer: Martin Putz
Lighting technician: Christoph Witasek, Thomas Marschall
Costumes: Robert Schwaighofer
Costume rental: Lambert Hofer
Still photos: Robin Riess
Production assistant: Andrea Schramek
Catering: Maria Mayer
Coaching: Fanny Brunner
Music & sound design: Hermann Langschwert, Sound Studio Saturn

Special effects:
Programming: Anton Pöltl
Video operator: Kristine Böhmig-Tornquist
Model maker: Jeanette Schulz
Blue screen removal: Walter Brandstetter
Graphic: Erwin Meisel
Production: Virgil Widrich Film- und Multimediaproduktions G.m.b.H.
Supported by Federal Chancellery Departement for the Arts, City of Salzburg, State of Salzburg, City of Vienna
Distributor: Sixpack Film

Events, film screenings: 65

27. January 2005 – 06. February 2005
Prague / Brno – 12th Days of European Film
08. October 2004
Moov HD
17. July 2004
Subotica – Open University / International Film Festival
25. July 2003
Summer Film School 2003 (Tschechien)
22. March 2001
A 12 minute report about the "tx-transformator" is shown on 22.3.2001 in ORF/Kunststücke. Directed by Raphael Barth, Géza Horvát. Camera: Christian Roth, Attila Boa.
28. October 2000
Viper 2000 – International Festival for Film Video and New Media
06. October 2000
Fulda – Institut inter.research e.V.
05. April 2000
Istanbul 2000 – Internationale Kurzfilmtage
16. November 1999
Lecture (together with Martin Reinhart) on "tx-transform" at Edit 99 (Frankfurt/Germany), 16.11.1999, 12:30 to 13:30
15. November 1999 – 16. November 1999
Edit 99 (Frankfurt/Germany)
25. September 1999
Split 99 – 4. Festival of New Film and Video
14. September 1999
Filmclub Drosendorf
01. July 1999 – 31. August 1999
"MIR – Art in Space", Museo Civico, Bolzano
06. April 1999 – 09. April 1999
AISB 99 Convention (Edinburgh/UK)
24. March 1999
Nuclear Body – A video project by Davide Grassi with tx-transformations, March 1999 (Ljubljana/Slovenia)
20. March 1999
Bringham Young University – Film class
03. February 1999
Akademie 3000 (München/Germany) February 1999
30. November 1998 – 02. December 1998
Presentation at the IST 98 exhibition, Digital Theatre, Austria Center Vienna, 30.11.1998, 15:30.
02. November 1998
Report on the premiere of "tx-transform" on 2.11.1998 at 22:30 Uhr in ORF 2/Treffpunkt Kultur.
01. November 1998
A number of tx-transform projects in the areas of film, multimedia and art exhibition are planned in Austria, England, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.
13. October 1998
World premiere of "tx-transform" at Filmcasino Vienna.
28. September 1998
"C't - magazine for computer and technology" reports in issue 20 on page 53 with image examples on tx-transform.
24. September 1998
"tx-transform" at "ORF/Kunststücke", 24.9.1998 at 23.05, FS 1
18. September 1998
"tx-transform" on TV: Modern Times, at 22.35, ORF FS2.
22. August 1998
Registration of the domain www.tx-transform.com
12. August 1998
Shooting of tx-transformations at Peter Joachim Filmservice, Edelsinnstraße 15, 1120 Vienna.
22. March 1998
Model- and vfx shooting for "tx-transform".
01. January 1998 – 13. October 1998
A marriage of film and electronics gives birth to the short film entitled "tx-transform," which was created together with Martin Reinhart; this short presents an innovative new technique which transposes the time and space axes in film.