Virgil Widrich

Screenwriter, film director, multimedia artist and professor of "Art & Science" at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. His short film "Copy Shop" was nominated for an Oscar. In total, his work has been awarded over 290 international awards. Virgil Widrich is involved in a variety of roles as project manager, conceptionalist, exhibition designer or artistic director in the creation of screenplays, short and feature films, music videos, installations, exhibitions and entire museums, as well as in international research projects.


22. April 2023 – 31. August 2023: tx-mirror Film screening, Exhibition
The real-time installation "tx-mirror" by Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich is part of the exhibition "Art in Motion. 100 masterpieces with and through media – An Operative Canon" presented at the Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning in China.
31. May 2023: tx-reverse Film screening
Asia Film Festival – Mumbai – India
31. May 2023: Copy Shop Film screening
Asia Film Festival – Mumbai – India
31. May 2023: There is exactly enough time Film screening
Asia Film Festival – Mumbai – India
29. July 2023: There is exactly enough time Film screening
ZEBRA International Animation Film Festival – Slovenia
04. August 2023 – 06. August 2023: Copy Shop Film screening
Exhibition "Carbon – under Pressure" – Science Gallery Bengaluru – Bangalore – India
06. September 2023: There is exactly enough time Film screening, Award
Monza Film Fest – Monza – Italy – Best editing ★

Microconcert Philharmonic State Orchestra Hamburg, 2022

Visualization for a microconcert, a digital music project of the Philharmonic State Orchestra Hamburg under the musical direction of Kent Nagano.

There is exactly enough time, 2021

Oskar Salomonowitz, the 12-year-old son of filmmakers Anja Salomonowitz and Virgil Widrich, had drawn 206 frames of a flip book when he died in an accident. Using the remaining blank sheets, his father continued drawing the film. Winner of 81 international film awards!

tx-reverse, 2018

A space time cut through cinema. 20 years after Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich used this film technique for the first time in a short film ("tx-transform", 1998), they again deal with the question of which previously unseen world arises when space and time are interchanged, aptly in a cinema and at full 360°. Winner of 38 international film awards!

Light Matter, 2018

A black-and-white film that lets you see colors. Winner of 12 international film awards!

tx-mirror, 2018

The interactive installation "tx-mirror" is a magical mirror with a camera: one can look at oneself and explore the laws of a universe in which time and space have been reversed.

Nena & Dave Stewart: Be my Rebel, 2017

"Be my rebel", the first collaboration of the two music legends Nena and Dave Stewart, premiered at Nena's 40th anniversary on stage. Winner of 47 international film awards!

Night of a 1000 Hours, 2016

A family, a night, a murder and a forbidden passion: When the Ullich family meets and their deceased ancestors appear, the events in their Viennese palace turn over.

checkpointmedia GmbH – Multimedia Productions, 2001

As one of the most successful representatives of "Creative Industries Vienna/Austria," checkpointmedia acts as an interface between arts/culture and the business world.

Fast Film, 2003

"Fast Film" is an animated homage to motion pictures, hand-made by folding 65,000 print outs of film frames into three-dimensional objects. The film won 35 international awards.

Copy Shop, 2001

The story of a man who copies himself until he fills up the entire world. The film won 43 international awards and was nominated for the Oscar 2001 (best short film).